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Q&A: “That’s part of the reason why I so strongly hold onto “queer” as one of my labels!”

anonymous said:

That’s part of the reason why I so strongly hold onto “queer” as one of my labels! I identify under both the ace and aro umbrellas, but it’s weird and hard to explain and trying to say I’m bi/pan/poly/etc (even without -romantic) carries that weird connotation that doesn’t fit me. I actually think you just managed to put my feelings into words??? I’m having an epiphany and I need to go think about this more.

(re: this post)

i know right? i’m also very fond of ‘queer’ as a word and identity and identify strongly with it. sometimes i refer to myself as a ‘queer asexual’ rather than as a ‘bi / pan asexual’ for the sake of brevity and/or to avoid assumptions, depending on the situation and who i’m talking to. whenever i do that, ‘queer’ isn’t acting as a replacement for ‘bi’ or ‘pan’, but rather as yet another word to describe myself which is (at the very least) just as accurate as ‘bi / pan.’

i’ve seen it suggested that MGA people (ie. people who experience attraction towards multiple genders) as well as trans / non-binary people are much more likely to identify with the word queer and from what i’ve seen, that does seem to be the case.

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