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🎬 QAC 79 – The Neverending Queer-y: My Queer Ace Journey || LGBT YouTube & COPPA

inspired by an old blog post and a New Year’s meme, i decided to document the last decade of my journey re: identity as a #Black, #Queer, #Nonbinary & #Asexual person in the form of a video—the 2010’s Edition of “The Neverending Queer-y”. Although cringeworthy (for me at least), the resulting compilation video illustrates what i’ve held to be true since day 1 of starting Queer As Cat: that identity, much like life, is a journey and i’m enjoying the ride. finally.

but also, thank god i’m documenting this shit, because i probably wouldn’t remember half of this stuff by now had i not spent hours upon hours journaling, recording, editing, & archiving it.

Links mentioned in the video:

BLOG: “#YouTubeIsOverParty: COPPA & The Hypocrisy of YouTube
TWITTER: New Year’s meme
TUMBLR: “Identity Is A Journey” (BLOG version)

it took me a while to post this video here because i’ve been migrating this blog to a new host and dealing with some technical difficulties… hopefully things are up-and-running now, but should you find anything that isn’t working right, please let me know.

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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