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Q&A: “…”love wins/love is love” can be kind of alienating…”

anonymous said:

I just had a eureka moment when looking at your recent reblog of a post on how “love wins/love is love” can be kind of alienating… As an aro ace, the whole “love” angle is definitely implicitly exclusionary. The core of my being aro ace is that I DON’T love anyone That Way, and community rhetoric consistently fails to reflect that. Not to mention that I find the “twoo wuv” thing eye-roll-inducing at times. Your thoughts?

( re: this post )

i agree that in addition to ignoring, excluding and / or alienating trans and non-binary people, as pointed out in the OP, such rhetoric also  ignores, excludes and alienates those for whom “love” (be it in the traditional, romantic sense or at all) is not a thing– or at least, is not The Thing that defines their connection to the LGBTQIA community. such rhetoric posits love as some kind of universal, inherently humane experience that people in the LGBTQIA community share with those who are not part of the community and that that commonality is unstopable and the thing that what warrants our acceptance.

it is an appeal to humanity that neglects and subsequently undermines the humanity of people for whom such an appeal is laced with the very same ammunition that society uses to reject their humanity or existence on a daily basis.

yeah, “love is love” and other such rhetoric is incredibly frustrating…

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