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Q&A: “Idk if this is a valid thing but I know I love women and I also seem to love nb folks…”

anonymous said:

Idk if this is a valid thing but I know I love women and I also seem to love nb folks. I myself am nonbinary so I know they’re real and valid genders and such but there’s always a bit of me that worries that I like women and just want to feel special. Or at least that others will always assume that

what you’re feeling is 100% valid, anon. imho, it sounds like you might be struggling with internalized monosexism. the same ignorance, stigma, etc within society that repeatedly tells bi people that they’re really just gay or straight and they’re just doing whatever it is that they’re doing (ie. loving who they love) for attention or to feel special. that they have to pick one gender to love or else they’re being ‘greedy’ or ‘confused’. it’s a large part of what fuels biphobia and many people who experience attraction to multiple genders (MGA) struggle to some extent or another with this very same self-doubt that you’re feeling.

you love who you love and there’s nothing attention-seeking or ‘special snowflake’ about that. others may make assumptions about you, but people make assumptions about you in regards to other things every day. don’t pay them any mind because they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, but you do. just listen to what you’re feeling and go from there. 🙂

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