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Ace & Non-binary Pride @Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2015 (04/26/15)

like last year, a handful of us gaijin aces went to Tokyo Rainbow Pride and walked in the parade with Stonewall Japan. this year, i personally decided to raise non-binary / Xジェンダー awareness at the same time. 🙂

also like last year, we started out small with there being only three of us, then we ran into an old friend from last year, becoming four. THEN while lounging around someone on Tumblr messaged me that they were there and had seen us walking in the parade, so we meetup with that person and became five! w00t! we even ran into the-shynamites again this year, but i wasn’t able to get a photo of their awesome ace pride sign. ;( i even ran into the author of the forthcoming, crowd-funded book about Xジェンダー / non-binary people in Japan!! D;

the asshat that we ran into later aside, we had a great time at TRP this year! and i’m sure we’ll have one again next year.

if you’re on the ace spectrum, living in Japan and would like to join in on our random meetups or just connect with other aces in Japan, feel free to contact me on LINE (ID: nighstar) or by email (my username at gmail dot com)! we actually have an active group on LINE that i could add you to. 🙂 i’m also looking to make a group for non-binary / Xジェンダー people in Japan and would love to hear from anyone interested! 日本語もなんとなく喋りますので、英語が話せなくてもご遠慮なく!

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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