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Q&A: “All the backlash over the #GiveSteveABoyfriend thing is making me feel like crap.”

tw: suicide, death, self harm

anonymous said:

All the backlash over the #GiveSteveABoyfriend thing is making me feel like crap. I’m Christian and queer, and I’m starting to freak out. Maybe it’s right for queer people to kill themselves? Maybe I shouldn’t exist?

anon, please take this moment to close Twitter, stop everything you’re doing and just breathe.



regardless of whatever anyone else says, who you are as a Christian and as a queer person is valid. as hard as life may be sometimes, please do not throw yours away. your life, and the life of every queer person, is far more valuable and worth living than you seem to think right now.

please block and ignore anything that brings you down like this, including the hashtags #GiveSteveABoyfriend and #GiveCaptianAmericaABoyfriend on Twitter. do not subject yourself to people’s bullshit. there are lots of other people in those tags who support you and the validity of those tags and who are fighting the homophobic etc people in them. as much as you may want to join in on those tags, it’s not worth it to do so if that’s putting you in harm’s way.

value your life because your life is the very definition of precious.
love yourself because you deserve to be loved.
stay strong because you are not alone and there really is strength in numbers.

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