Q&A: “Is it normal to go back and forth on my sexuality?”

anonymous said:

Is it normal to go back and forth on my sexuality? Like for a year claim im bi, then like turn around and the next year say im a lesbian but then question it again 2 years later?…


not everyone is always (or ever) 100% certain of their sexuality. sexuality is very, very complex. hell, for some people it even changes over time. as such, some people question their sexuality for months or years, some people are perpetually in a state of uncertainty and some eventually identify as one thing or another only to question that identity again down the road. and all of this is 100% ok.

there is nothing wrong with or strange about questioning one’s sexuality.

there is nothing wrong with changing the word(s) you use to describe yourself, no matter how many times you do it.

regardless of whether it is just the word(s) you use that is(/are) changing, whether your understanding of yourself has changed or your sexuality itself has changed– you are among good company because changes like this are natural and many people go through them.

ignore people who would question, invalidate or look down on you for simply trying to be true to yourself for there is nothing wrong with being true to yourself; there is something wrong with them for judging you for being true to yourself.

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