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QAC 23 – Being Forced Out of the Closet (Bi/Panromantic Non-binary Asexual)

long video is ridiculously long. sorry about that, but i had to vent somewhere.

====== NAVIGATION =====
@00:00 – and the story begins
@04:46 – “i’m asexual.”
@10:02 – “imma watch all your obviously private videos!”
@14:06 – “don’t worry, everyone’s like that!”
@17:05 – “omg stop saying that.”
@22:00 – patience is golden
@24:32 – her head didn’t exploded

TL;DW: my mom found this channel and saw videos that i never wanted her to see and wasn’t ready for her to see. shit sucks. BUT my mom is doing her best with what she’s found out, which is good… even if her best is painful.

anyway, patience patience….. and all that jazz. the cat’s out of the bag and is managing well enough thus far. hopefully time won’t make the cat regret being out of the bag……………

and i forgot to mention in the video that my mom totally neglected to say anything about my gender identity aside from “cautioning” me about getting a hysto because i’ll “probably regret it.” yep. i think the gender identity thing especially went way over her head.

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