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re: gaslighting in the aftermath of the 2016 US presidential election



in case you missed it: Clarkisha Kent (@IWriteAllDay_) sparked an important conversation on Twitter about how in the aftermath of the 2016 US presidential election, even people who claim to support those of us who are most in danger from a Trump / Pence presidency have been guilty of gaslighting (and scapegoating) us, but we must (and will) persevere regardless.

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Guys this is a good thread with important things to say but I’ve really got to speak up for my girl Elizabeth Warren. People keep accusing her of this, I assume based on watching or hearing about her speech to the AFLCIO following the election. Here’s the thing though. I actually watched the whole speech and every word of it past the first few minutes is about how ready she is to throw down against trump. The “I’m ready to work with him in the event he actually wants to help America” bit was just the setup for then listing all the things she was more than ready to fight about. And listen if I’m misinterpreting this or she’s said something different I’m not aware of then I apologize for my wrongness. But I hate to see her getting accused of something based on what looks to me like a bunch of people not checking the source material for themselves.

…going to be honest. i find it incredibly dismissive and insulting that you would assume that people’s issue(s) with Elizabeth Warren amounts to nothing more than not checking source material for themselves.

i cannot speak for the OP of the Twitter thread, nor for anyone else who has reblogged this post in agreement, but as the OP of this Tumblr post rest assured that i checked the source material and had already seen the speech being referred to in full before sharing the above Twitter thread. you may disagree with the issue(s) that people take with Elizabeth– although it seems to me like you’ve missed the point of the Twitter thread in question because at no point was it even suggested that Elizabeth is now on friendly terms with Trump– but regardless of your disagreement, it’d be nice if you weren’t so quick to dismiss people’s feelings as nothing more than ignorance due to lack of fact checking.

here’s a fact for you. Elizabeth is willing to work with Trump on the things that she can agree with him on. she may hate Trump like many of us do, but post-election she (like so many others) has called upon people on ‘both’ sides of the divide to work together. her exact words from the aforementioned speech being “it is time for us to come together to work on America’s agenda. democracy demands that we do so and we are ready.” while she calls upon people to work with a person like Trump, there are many more calling upon people to “give him a chance.” they would have us all give Trump a chance or work with him when his policies etc align with our own, while simultaneously fighting him when they don’t.

but you know who cannot afford to give Trump a chance? who should not even be asked to work with someone like Trump at all? those of us whose very life and rights are in danger because of the very person we are now being called on to work with / give a chance.

the fact is that Elizabeth can afford to work with Trump. Hillary Clinton can afford to give him a chance. fucking Obama, as much as it may pain him to do so, can afford to give him a chance. the fact that their very careers depend on it does nothing more than further drive home the fact that while politics fucks over everyone, it can literally destroy those who have the audacity to try and work within the confines of its system while simultaneously being in the crosshairs of intersectionality.

while Elizabeth Warren is an amazing person who i very much respect, that does not change the fact that her ability to compromise on her stance against this man who endangers my life and rights to work with him on certain things, call upon me to do the same and then inspire people such as yourself to frown upon those who are offended at the very suggestion is what’s so mindfucking and hurtful.

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