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got a new hat…! W00T!

i’m sure getting a new hat doesn’t seem like much to celebrate, but when you have locs (ie. when most hats don’t fit because your hair is too bulky) and you’re as picky as me (ie. you don’t like how 95% of hats look on you anyway), getting a new hat is big news!

plus there’s a story, of course. i first came across this hat about 4 months ago. a local store had a special setup dedicated to made-in-Japan hats and i’d spent probably 20 mins trying on this hat, looking at myself in the mirror and sighing because it’s so rare that i find a hat that i like this much + it actually fits (see above), but i was dirt broke at the time. when i finally got paid i went back to the store to see if the hat was still there, but all of the hats were gone. 🙁 the store’s feature on made-in-Japans hats was over. i even searched their normal stock of hats to no avail.

well, there i was back at that store today looking for other stuff and some of the hats were back…! this time on sale for 30% off! i eagerly looked through them to see if the one i loved had made it back as well, and it had!

good things come to those who wait? 😛 except i had technically given up already.

anyway, took some selfies because i’m feeling particularly fancy with jewelry dangling from my nose for the first time in months.

my one week vacation has begun!

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