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QAC 65 – 1 Month on Low Dose HRT | Non-Binary | Mental Health || The T Files #005

voice cracking? increased stamina? mood swings??

it’s been one month since i started a relatively low dosage of testosterone and even though in actuality not much has happened yet, i’m still surprised by what has. it’s been an interesting month, but as it turns out starting low-dose T isn’t as simple as simply choosing a random low dosage and going with the recommended injection frequency. or at least, not when you’re trying to manage depression and anxiety on top of it all and you’re not sure  fluctuating hormone levels are a risk that you want to take.

one month later, while still happy with my decision to start T, it’s time to take a moment to pause. recap. and reevaluate.

…my video descriptions sound like the back of a poorly written novel abandoned on the shelf with the tabloids in the checkout aisle because someone decided last minute that it wasn’t worth the .99c that it cost.

all-nighters are fun.

*sips instant coffee and starts an episode of One Day At A Time on Netflix to unwind before their work alarm goes off in an hour*

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