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Shit-I-Think-Is-Happening-#BecauseTestosterone Log





content warning: TMI regarding bodily functions & genitals

week 1 (62.5mg  /2 weeks, injection)

  • exacerbated drowsiness like what
  • oncoming-cold-like throat shenanigans
  • voice in my head sounding like it does when i first wake up, except all day long
  • random, awkward voice cracking when trying to talk over obnoxious teenagers
  • random, inexplicable genital feels
  • random, pre-menstruation-like feels from that arrogant thing called a uterus
  • stairs suddenly became a little less formidable after the injection, but not for all that long.
  • my bladder suddenly isn’t what it used to be– why???

week 2

  • bladder weirdness is still a thing
  • throat shenanigans are no longer a thing
  • voice cracking still is a thing
  • marginally lower-than-normal speaking voice more easily maintainable; however, without conscious effort, speaking voice remains unchanged
  • downstairs growth hardly noticeable but there
  • began wondering early on into week 2 if all of the T had already been consumed by my body within week 1, week 2 being so anticlimactic
  • got pre-T bloodwork results back showing T levels to be on the “low” side even for an estrogen-based body; cue eye rolling

week 3  (62.5mg  /2 weeks, injection)

  • biceps are suddenly…. dense / bulky rather than flabby
  • voice has officially began to drop, although at this point it’s still not noticeable to others
  • at present, voice change is mostly a minor change in resonance and where my voice comes from rather than a change in pitch
  • bladder is back to normal
  • downstairs growth continues
  • Chin has suddenly decided that it wants to be oily rather than dry as a desert
  • Oily Chin soon gave way to Mild Acne Chin, both of which can fuck off
  • Monthly Hell is ever so predictably still a thing that should Stop
  • hello Stamina
  • considering bumping my injections up to weekly rather than biweekly OR doubling the dosage (ie. moving up to a “standard initial dosage”), but staying biweekly
  • feels like my body consumes the entire 62.5mg dosage within the first week, so the second week is just my T levels plummeting only to spike back up again with the next injection
  • no mood swings in so far as i can tell, but even the thought of my hormones being so unstable worries me
  • at the same time, upping my dosage is also worrying, so…

week 4

  • Oily Chin and Mild Acne Chin gradually subsided as time passed post-injection day
  • as did Stamina, which sucks because i <3 Stamina
  • increased genital sensitivity…. was very much Theme of the Week and when paired with the growth? talk about discomfort……..
  • the oh-so-common Increased Libido that everyone speaks of has yet to make an appearance for me, but i feel like there are things involved with that
  • again, little-to-no T by the end of the week 2 post-injection; had too much going on to notice any mood swings that may have been a result of that
  • biweekly visit to the clinic was last night; will be going into my 2nd month on T on a somewhat higher dosage of 100mg…

….aaaannnd having been on T for a month now, it’s about time i posted an update video. in the meantime there’s this, i suppose.

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