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#SpiritDay 2016


as a teacher i’ve seen and heard of a lot of bullying, especially here in Japan where, sadly, #SpiritDay isn’t even really a thing. even though none of my students will take notice of it, i’ll be wearing purple today in honor of #SpiritDay.

※ took it upon myself to edit some of GLAAD’s #SpiritDay images to make them more accurate about myself and included an illustration of some homophobic and transphobic things i’ve heard my students saying to each other.

a year has passed. it’s now #SpiritDay 2016 and the above post is as true now as it was last year with one exception. already in the early hours of the morning on #SpiritDay (JST) i’ve seen more awareness of the day and supportive tweets from Japanese Twitter! a very happy change from last year. 🙂

consider getting involved yourself and taking a stand against bullying this Thursday (Oct. 20th, 2016) by wearing purple. also check out the links in the OP for a wide array of updated #SpiritDay images that you can use on social media.

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