Q&A: “I’ve heard it called “queer straightness”…”

dear anon from this post,

upon hitting “post” after typing up a response to your most recent asks, Tumblr decided to be a Piece Of Shit and not actually post the ask at all. i have no idea where that ask even went, but thanks to a browser extension i still have my response to the asks word-for-word, so here it is without the first part of the ask and thus missing a lot of context for everyone else, but oh well…

(2) I’ve heard it called “queer straightness”. Imo that’s not a reason to banish anyone from anywhere , but then again, I don’t know how things work over there. Thanks again for answering, now I understand this whole situation better.

( re: this post )

thanks for coming back and responding to my response, anon, and i apologize from totally running away with your ask. my response was based on assumptions that i shouldn’t have made.

and i have to say…. wow. it does sound like there is a significant (in my eyes) cultural difference at play here as i can’t even imagine two (or more) non-binary people of different genders referring to whatever is happening between them as “queer straightness” let alone “straightness.” perhaps there are people even within my own culture who do feel that way, but……. i personally find it hard to fathom, especially if neither of the people involved actually identify as hetero-whatever to begin with.

i still stand behind what i said in the other post about it having not being a political matter or even a matter of “not wanting to identify as heterosexual because society’s shit,” but that’s just my personal stance on the matter.

again, thanks for coming back and responding. it’s interesting to hear that things are different elsewhere. 🙂

edit: anon came back and resent part 1 of the ask (thank you!), but when i tried to publish the response Tumblr ate it. AGAIN. WTFH OMG. anon, i’m afraid that Tumblr hates the both of us. ;-;

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