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QAC 44 – Dear White People: About “People of Color” (POC) | A Rant

i’ve long since had issues with how some people, specifically white people, repeatedly misuse the term “People of Color” (aka “POC”). at long last i’m finally putting my frustrations into words in the hope of bringing awareness to these issues.

in the interest of being as brief as possible, in this video i’ve summarize my issues regarding white people’s usage of this term into two points:

  1. treating POC as if they are a homogeneous group. ( @00:29 ~ )
  2. treating whiteness as if it is the default not only in one’s own country, but internationally. ( @4:12  ~ )

obviously when people who consider themselves to be allies to POC make such mistakes the mistakes are honest ones with no ill intent behind them. however, that does not change the fact that mistakes are being made and that these mistakes should be corrected.

if you consider yourself to be an ally to people of color, please watch this video and be open to rethinking your usage of “people of color.”

…and the video is up! will post a text version of the video’s contents tomorrow (?) since i know how much Tumblr prefers text for some reason.

edit: the text post of this video can be found here.

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