on semi-hiatus (12/21 – 01/02)

as of today today 12/22/2015 this blog is on a semi-hiatus until 01/02/2016.

i’m currently sitting in an airport about to fly back to The States for the first time in 2 years. i’ll be staying with family for 9 days and, for those who don’t know, things have been pretty rough with my family recently and over the past 2 years… it will be my first time back “home” since being outted // coming out, so my nerves are on edge at the moment… i’m not really in the best headspace to be focusing on this Tumblr right now, sadly.

i will post the text version of my latest vlog, as promised, once i get to America. i will also still be checking out my dashboard and liking posts for future reblogging, but unless something is urgent or time sensitive, i won’t be posting to this blog beyond that until i’m back in Japan. i also will not be responding to asks or submissions on this blog. that said, even if i’m not active on Tumblr i will still be active elsewhere on the net!

if you’re interested in following my anxious ramblings and misadventures in reverse culture shock, follow me on Twitter! if photos interest you, follow me on Instagram. i’m also reachable via other means, including messages here in Tumblr and email: queerascat at gmail dot com

i’m sorry that i won’t be around on this blog to help everyone who, like me, is trying to survive the holiday season…. STAY STRONG, EVERYONE! and check out my friend @chekhovandowl‘s awesome #safeholidaysproject tag for holiday images that’ll make you smile when you need a boost.


YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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