• YouTube Tokyo Pride Academy 2017
    YouTube Tokyo Pride Academy 2017
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    YouTube Pride Academy 2017

    ever so aptly timed with YouTube’s second attempt at spotlighting LGBTQIA YouTube with the hashtag #ProudToBe, the first ever Pride Academy was held at YouTube Space Tokyo today. the name of the event itself being a play on one of YouTube’s programs for creators, Creator Academy. the event was aimed at encouraging and offering support to LGBTQIA people in Japan who might be interested in creating a channel on YouTube– regardless of the content that they chose to put on their channel. another aim of the event was to host a 交流会 (networking event) after the presentations in the hopes of fostering community among LGBTQIA youtubers in Japan by giving them a chance to meet each other. to that end, Google promoted the event at its booth during Tokyo Rainbow Pride this past May and i was pleasantly surprised to see the turn out, given the current state of LGBTQIA…

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    temporary hiatus

    with tomorrow being my final day at my current job, less than 48 hours until i move to the lovely city shown above and less than a week until i start a new job that i must hit the ground running with, it’s time to put this blog on hiatus. i’ll still check in from time to time to like posts for future reference, but i will not be otherwise active on this blog. asks will be responded to in the order they’re received unless noted to be time sensitive or otherwise urgent. noteworthy stuff: April 16th, 2017 – the Tokyo LGBTQIAP+ and Supporters Meetup Group will be having a picnic again this year. last year’s was fun and (provided nothing comes up last minute) i’ll be there again this year. see the meetup group or contact me for details. April 29th – May 7th, 2017 – Tokyo Rainbow Pride will be held…

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    i will be (semi-)AFK from Tumblr Nov. 2nd (Wed) – Nov. 6th (Sun) JST as i’ll be visiting Tokyo and Shizuoka. while i’ll still be around ‘liking’ posts for future reference / reblogging, i won’t be posting or reblogging anything nor will i be responding to asks. if for whatever reason you need to contact me, email (queerascat at gmail dot com) or Tumblr’s messenger are your best bet. as always, i’ll still be active on Twitter, Instragram, Snapchat, and elsewhere, so if you want to check out what i’m up to or see random snaps of what i’m doing (such as the Instagram video above taken during my last trip to Tokyo), maybe follow me outside of Tumblr? either way, 行ってくる! see you in a few days.

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    on semi-hiatus (12/21 – 01/02)

    as of today today 12/22/2015 this blog is on a semi-hiatus until 01/02/2016. i’m currently sitting in an airport about to fly back to The States for the first time in 2 years. i’ll be staying with family for 9 days and, for those who don’t know, things have been pretty rough with my family recently and over the past 2 years… it will be my first time back “home” since being outted // coming out, so my nerves are on edge at the moment… i’m not really in the best headspace to be focusing on this Tumblr right now, sadly. i will post the text version of my latest vlog, as promised, once i get to America. i will also still be checking out my dashboard and liking posts for future reblogging, but unless something is urgent or time sensitive, i won’t be posting to this blog beyond that until…