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”Daily ? UGHs”

random doodle about random things that i hear my students say to each other or that they say to me on any given day that make me go UGH.

“SHE’s 30 and not married! lol”
“you don’t have kids??”
“don’t worry, you still have time! (to get married, have kids)”
“lol T-chan もしかしてお前オカマ?! (don’t tell me you’re a tranny!)”
“sensei’s on OUR team!”
“but you’re a girl!”
“キモイ!ホモかよ?! (eww! what are you, a homo?!)”
“only girls would understand, right *given name*!”

and the saddest, most frustrating part is that most of this is said by kids under 10 years old…

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