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Q&A: “I identify as homoflexible, it’s what fits me best, but I didn’t realize it was biphobic…”

anonymous said

Hi I saw your post about homoflexibility and I wanted to ask you about it. I think I identify as homoflexible, it’s what fits me best, but I didn’t realize it was biphobic and I’m really freaked out because I don’t want to be biphobic it’s just what fits me best. I don’t consider myself bi because while I occasionally can have attraction to guys I don’t want a relationship(or sex) with a guy, I just don’t. But I’m not a lesbian either because I can occasionally experience attraction to guys.

hi anon,

first of all, sorry for taking so long to respond to your ask. i hope you’re well.

i’m guessing that the post that you’re referring to is this one? as i tried to make clear in the original post, i was only voicing my own personal qualms with common definitions of homoflexible (and heteroflexible) and the often implied / explicitly stated stereotypes / assumptions being made about bisexual people in the definitions themselves. by no means did i mean to imply that anyone and everyone who identifies as / with the term ‘homoflexible’ (or ‘heteroflexible’) is automatically biphobic by extension for doing so and i’m really sorry for freaking you out.

please, by all means, do identify in whatever way feels right for you. if homoflexible feels right to you, which it does, there is nothing inherently biphobic about that; you needn’t explain yourself or your reason(s) for identifying as homoflexible over bi to anyone, anon. least of all me.

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