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…mmm, so.

i’m extremely busy and low on spoons right now, so i’ve been silently keeping a very weary eye on the ongoing situation regarding YouTube’s age-restricted censorship of LGBTQIA content. as youtuber after youtuber responded to the censorship of their videos and the outcry from youtubers and non-youtubers alike grew, i’ve remained silent because, as i said, i’m extremely busy and low on spoons– but also because i glanced at Creator Studio, the backend of YouTube for content creators, and saw no change in my video listing or anything else that indicated restriction.

well, my exhausted, weary (and wary) ass turned on “Restricted Mode” tonight.

29 out of 65 of my videos and 4 entire playlists have been marked as potentially inappropriate for young viewers.

and you know, if i weren’t barely functioning, struggling to even find the time to eat and sleep right now, i’d most certainly be livid and all over this like everyone else, but such extreme emotions require energy that i simply cannot spare right now. as such, i’m doing what i can by writing this post to acknowledge that this is a thing that is happening and it is utterly ridiculous. i’ll revisit this later if / when i can if it’s still pertinent to do so. sigh.

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