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…annnd that’s a wrap!

to everyone who made it out to Tokyo Rainbow Pride today and metup with us (many of whom aren’t photoed above), otsukaresama deshita! it was great to see you all and i hope everyone had as great a time as i did.

without going into a long-winded spiel because i’m exhausted (and might do it later), today was the highlight of Pride: the parade through Shibuya / Harajuku. imho, it’s safe to say that this year’s parade was the best yet in terms of asexual representation and visibility. not only that, there was also more non-binary, genderqueer and pansexual representation and visibility than in years past thanks largely in part to the NPO にじいろ学校 (formally にじいろ小町) whose group and float Ace Spec Japan walked with this year.

more information and a lot more photos will be posted hopefully within the next week, so stay tuned.

(original photo courtesy of @mom1615 via Twitter)

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