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random convo with mom #1996

me: btw, dad kinda sorta found out that i’m non-binary, queer and asexual but i still don’t know exactly how much he even knows or if he even understands what those words mean. and i dont think he knows that you know, but just thought i’d let you know that he kinda sorta knows something in case he comes to you about it.

mom: Well he hasn’t said anything. Ok

me: if he does mention it to you… let me know? he always talks to you more than he talks to me, so he’ll probably talk to you about it eventually.

mom: Maybe. He may think that I will freak out.

me: ….to be fair, you did lol… but yeah, he might not come to you because he doesn’t know that you already know. fair enough. but on the off chance that he does, i’d like to know. you dont have to tell me what he says or anything.

mom: But he may think that he would have to deal with that.

me: lol maybe… true…. but yeah, on the off chance that he does…. just asking you to let me know. i may or may not tell him that you already know eventually, i dont know. we barely talk.

mom: Ok

me: thanks

mom: Do you want me to bring it up?

me: nooooooooooooooo

mom: Ok

……….ah, the tension that still exists between my 20-years-divorced parents when it comes to certain things is just lovely. no way will i ever tell mom that dad literally compared himself to her as a means of reassuring me that he still loved me lolololol…

….no, but seriously, that would be bad. it’s still hella funny, though. especially if you happen to know how my mom has handled finding out about me. it’s even funnier if you know the history between my dad and mom, but i’m afraid that only i’m privy to those not-actually-funny-but-still-funny lulz.

seriously hope she doesn’t bring it up with him, though, because that would be shit potentially hitting the fan.

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