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    adventures in YouTube Space!

    just got back from YouTube Space Tokyo where i attended a 5 hour intensive workshop on the basics of video production…! for those who don’t know (and it seems like not many do), YouTube has created various resources and programs for youtubers (referred to as Creators) both offline and online with perhaps the biggest offline resource being access to YouTube Spaces located around the world. YouTube Spaces feature everything from state of the art recording studios, equipment and editing software to workshops and events. access to these resources is based on the number of subscribers your channel has and if you have over 1k subscribers, you’re welcome to attend certain workshops and events for free. so that’s what i did. this post will be photo heavy.

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    random convo with mom #1996

    me: btw, dad kinda sorta found out that i’m non-binary, queer and asexual but i still don’t know exactly how much he even knows or if he even understands what those words mean. and i dont think he knows that you know, but just thought i’d let you know that he kinda sorta knows something in case he comes to you about it. mom: Well he hasn’t said anything. Ok me: if he does mention it to you… let me know? he always talks to you more than he talks to me, so he’ll probably talk to you about it eventually. mom: Maybe. He may think that I will freak out. me: ….to be fair, you did lol… but yeah, he might not come to you because he doesn’t know that you already know. fair enough. but on the off chance that he does, i’d like to know. you dont have to tell me what he says…

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    that time i did nothing: assumed consent & retraction thereof

    content warning: non-graphic description of a questionable consent situation; non-graphic talk of sex, rape & trauma; self-gaslighting. this is the third and final post in a series of posts in which i’m writing about my personal experiences with sexual abuse / violence and consent issues. the first post on sexual abuse / violence can be found here. the second post on consent issues and asexuality can be found here. this post is about something that happened during a past relationship in which consent is / was questionable and the ramifications of it. consent. not a topic that i’m at all well informed about, but about which i’m writing a lot at the moment as i attempt to unpack and navigate things from my past that i have up until this point avoided doing. as i mentioned in my previous post, i’ve been in two long-term relationships spanning 9 years in total, 5…