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Q&A not Q&A: “you’re personality REALLY reminds me of me. I’m also what you call “apathetic as hell.””

anonymous said:

you’re personality REALLY reminds me of me. I’m also what you call “apathetic as hell.” I just think you can catch more flies with honey. People shut down if you automatically start tearing them down. You don’t build yourself (& others) up by tearing someone (& others) down. PLUS you’ll NEVER get them to understand what you’re talking about if you attack them back because they’ll be in their defensive mindset. It’s effective in helping people evolve. It’s also important to pick your fights. If you’re constantly fighting not only are you going to drain yourself but people will start to take your fighting level as a basic level of how you react to things and they’ll take you less seriously. Also some people do screw up and don’t realize it; informing them on the issue and helping them improve themselves is better than just throwing them under the bus (which a lot of people on here love to do- it’s so incredibly toxic). You’re way of thinking is so healthy so hold on to it because not many people have that mindset. Although what sucks is that this mindset typically comes from a kind of shitty past (or at least for the couple of other people i know who act this way). This turned so long lmao; I just hope you’re having a good day and I wanted to let you know you have a great brain (which sounds like the weirdest compliment)

(in response to this post)

ah, anon, i fear you’re giving me far too much credit / think too highly of me. i’m flattered, i really am. thank you for the kind words. perhaps our personalities are similar. 🙂

having said that, it feels like we might be on different pages with regards to what i referred to as being Apathetic As Hell and my mindset. you seem to be under the impression that my state of mind is a good thing and referring to myself as Apathetic As Hell was just me referring to a personality trait that i have, but neither is true. i probably should have worded that post better.

while apathy can at times be a good thing in moderation, especially in the ways that you’ve pointed out, my apathy is such that it chronically leaves me feeling emotionally or mentally numb / empty for hours, days, etc. i’m pretty sure that it’s a part of my depression as much as it is a coping mechanism, but either way it’s certainly not a good or healthy thing. sure, it does help me cope with difficult situations, which is great! but i still wouldn’t call it healthy or good thing. it prevents me from enjoying even the happiest of things in life, so it’s hard for me to see that as being a healthy or good thing…

anyway, anon, i know that you meant everything you said as a compliment and i really do appreciate the kind words and don’t mean to turn things around on you like this and make you feel bad. i really do appreciate your support! but it sounds like you know other people who may be in a similar situation as me, so i hope that this can be a heads up of sorts to….. not assume that something is a good thing for someone else just because it seems like a good thing to you? i’m not very good at articulating things related to mental health, iono…

but thanks anyway, anon. <3

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