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Q&A not Q&A: “so i came out as asexual to my friends about half a year ago but…”

anonymous said:

so i came out as asexual to my friends about half a year ago. but in the past few months i’ve been realizing that i may not be asexual. i don’t know what i am and i don’t want to label it just yet. i also want to tell my friends, but i feel like they’re getting tired of me saying different things (i came out as bi, then ace & trans, then this) and that there’s no point in me saying anything if i don’t even know what i am. i want to say something, but i don’t even know if i should.

hi, anon.

if you want to say something to your friends, then i think you should? there’s absolutely nothing wrong with just flat out saying that you’re not sure how you feel and/or that you’re questioning. that you’re continuously learning and discovering things about yourself and that you don’t want to or can’t put a specific word (or words) to how you feel right now.

they very well might respond negatively, but if they do they’re at fault, not you. their negativity and doubt will hurt, i’m sure… but at least you’ll have put your feelings out there, rather than keeping them bottled up inside. plus you never know, even if some friends are negative, perhaps not all of them will be? you may find someone who understands or who will at least support you. i feel like that, plus being true to yourself, is worth the risk? but that’s just my opinion. whether it actually is or not is up to you.

one thing’s for sure, though. there’s nothing wrong with not being sure and not wanting to or not being able to put a word(s) to how you feel. your feelings are valid and regardless of what you decide to do (or not do) in the end, i support you in your decision.

best wishes.

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