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QAC 22 – LGBTQ J-Magazines: Garçon Girls + Novia Novia

so i got my hands on a couple of really interesting Japanese magazines and decided to make a video about them in the middle of a snowstorm when i was dead tired. what the hell was i thinking? sorry for the crappiness of this video! それともビデオが日本語じゃなくて英語で録画して、ごめんね!日本語が難しすぎからだ。(´Д`)

Garçon Girls (ギャルソン・ガールズ)

GG is a magazine that is aimed at girls whose gender expression is masculine of center. the cover has “cross-dressing magazine for girls”written on it in English, but i found the contents of the magazine to potentially be useful for other people as well.


風男塾 (Fudanjuku)

Fudanjuku is a j-pop group that reinvented themselves in 2006 as a dansou group.

– official website: http://nfs724.com
– “Dansou Revolution” (video): http://youtu.be/rFRPVpGs_wQ

Novia Novia Magazine

Novia Novia is a lifestyle website and magazine for lesbians and bisexuals (or as they themselves put it, for “girls who like girls”). i highly recommend it for its high quality and diverse content.

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