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? QAC 78 – 1yr+ on T: Japan vs America | Planned Parenthood | Intermusc vs SubQ Injections || The T Files #011

as an AFAB non-binary person with zero interest in “passing” as male, i never thought that i’d still be on HRT nearly 2 years after having started… and yet here we are.

the transition from being on HRT in Japan to being on HRT in America has been… interesting. having heard so much about it from American mass media and social media, i eventually turned to Planned Parenthood in order to pick-up on where i’d left off in Japan in terms of being on testosterone. what followed was…. well. a “Near-Religious Experience”, if ever there was one? at least, when compared to my experience in Japan.

amidst changes in injection types (intermuscular vs subcutaneous) and hormone dosages, i’ve also been navigating generalized reverse culture shock and differing perceptions of gender and gender-based societal norms between Japan & America…

tl;dr, a lot has happened since i last posted an update about being on HRT back in January. this video is my attempt at compartmentalizing & glossing over it all in 20 minutes with time points added in-video because long video is long.

…now that i’ve finally gotten this YouTube upload out of the way, maybe i can finally turn my attention back to this blog.

oh, the things i could blog about…

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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