Q&A: “What are some good ways to feel your gender?”

anonymous said:

What are some good ways to feel your gender? I don’t know how to feel what my gender really is because I have no one to talk to about this irl.


hi! sorry for taking so long to reply to your ask.

you might find this post helpful, where i talk about what gender is (to me) and how i have a strong sense of my own gender. also, check out this post where i talk about what makes me so sure of my own gender.

the only real advice i have, if any, is to keep in mind that it’s absolutely okay to not be sure of your gender; to try to be more mindful of your own feelings and experiences (past & present); to allow yourself the time and space to question yourself.

it’s all too easy to feel like you have to put a specific name to your gender or that you have to have one at all. it’s also all too easy to dismiss or belittle your own feelings and to police your own identity.

discovering your gender is a very personal journey of self-discovery that can be tricky to get through on one’s own. that said, even if you don’t have anyone to talk to about it irl, there’s always online! you’re never truly alone. also, it might help to keep a journal or a blog, something where you can write about your experiences.

anyway, i hope this helps at least a little. wishing you the best!

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