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Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2015 (4/26/15)

my ace friends and i had a great time again this year at TRP!

photo notes:

  • the black & white photo is from the “OUT IN JAPAN” photo exhibition by Leslie Kee inside Harajuku GAP, which was also running a #rainbowgap photo booth campaign.
  • the writing on the trans flag says 「色んな性の在り方を認め合おう!」/ “Let’s acknowledge the existence of various sexes/genders!” (in Japanese the same word is used to refer to both sex & gender)
  • the meerkat, its human and its friend on the human’s shoulder deserve to be included for showing up to both last year’s and this year’s TRP in style. and yes, meerkats, among numerous other wild animals, are imported and sold as pets in Japan. i hope you are as outraged about that as i am, even if this meerkat is cute. ;(

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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