Q&A: “Is it ok that I slowly accepted myself? Is it normal?”

anonymous said:

Is it ok that I slowly accepted myself? Like I though I was a cis girl, then when that got too uncomfortable I told myself “ok you’re a demigirl then” because I live in such a transphobic household with a strict binary and I enjoy dressing in a stereotypically female way. I recently told myself “okay. Think. She/her pronouns make you uncomfortable. Your name makes you uncomfortable. Are you really demigirl?” And I realized I’m nonbinary. Is that ok? To go through that? Is it normal?


hello, anon. sorry for the slow reply.

not only would i say that it’s okay to accept yourself slowly, i’d say that it’s actually very common for self-acceptance to be a slow process/journey. i honestly think that it is that way for most people.

i know that for me personally learning to understand and accept both my sexuality and my gender identity involved two separate journeys that each involved years of self-discovery. there was a hellava lot of ignoring and invalidating my own feelings before i even got to the point of actually questioning my identity, which then initiated a whole new stage of the journey.

you’re totally not the only one for whom it has taken awhile to understand and accept yourself, anon. no worries.

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