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QAC 55 – Older Asexuals: Coming Out Later In Life | Questioning | Trauma

happy Asexual Awareness Week! last year for AAW i made this video in support of younger aces. this year i’m putting the focus on older aces, because i genuinely feel like the asexual community in general does not do enough to raise awareness of and support for aces who older than the majority of the more visible, active ace community at present.

this video is first and foremost a positivity video that hopes to offer words of encouragement to older aces, but i also try to bring light to the unique things that older aces may face, including the desexualization of older people, the taboo of sexuality as an older person & how older aces may struggle with reconciling asexual identity with the identity(/ies) that they already had for years prior to discovering the word “asexual.”

i also touch upon things that one may find relevant regardless of age, such as questioning, coming out in a relationship and how trauma & other past experiences can be relevant to someone’s asexual identity and that’s okay.

last year i asked older aces to help support younger aces. this time i’m calling on younger aces to return the favor.

hey older aces, got something for you! <3

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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