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like “heteronormativity” and “amatornormativity”, can we please make “sexnormativity” a thing? simply put:

sexnormativity: the assumption that sexual attraction and/or a desire for sex is a universal trait that everyone shares.

the ace community has long since been battling sexnormativity as it plays a large role in a/acephobia. however, aces are not the only ones suffering from sexnormativity.

  • people who are repulsed by and/or adverse to sex
  • people with “low”/”high” libidos
  • teenagers
  • young adults
  • seniors
  • survivors of sexual assault/abuse
  • and so many more

literally anyone and probably everyone is affected by sexnormativity to some degree or another at some point in their life because sexnormativity ties into so many things: peer pressure, stereotypes, hypersexualization, desexualization, heteronormativity, amatonormativity, slut-shaming, victim blaming, trauma invalidation, erasure, parental/familial expectations and the list goes on.

awareness and discussion of sexnormativity needs to go beyond the confines of the ace community.

please let this be a thing that the world is made aware of…

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