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an example of intersectional acephobia if ever there was one…

“…seriously??” i thought to myself upon getting this notification via the YouTube app, in my email inbox and then on the YouTube homepage. i was just going to ignore it and move on, but after seeing the same notification for a third time i decided to look further…

…i was prepared for things to get worse, but not this worse. the above is only a sample of the bullshit that can be found on this guy’s YouTube channel. dare i even subject myself to watching any of the videos, let alone the video in question?

as always, curiosity killed the cat…

……..so this guy was pointed in my direction by someone who has obviously watched several of my videos (ie. by someone who cannot not know that i am non-binary) but who is still misgendering me and who for some reason felt the need to disclose personal information about me, my mental health and my family to this acephobic misogynoiristic piece of shit asshat of all people??? as a means of combatting this asshat’s bullshit??? not to mention all of the other problematic things that were said.

i just… i can’t even. i can’t touch this right now. i will explode. it will be messy. it will be ugly.

seriously, do not touch this guy’s YouTube channel. i’m not linking it here for a reason. spare yourself the pain. i just need to vent somewhere. ugh.

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