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QAC 24.5 Life Update: Tokyo / Asexual Pride + Outted Again + More

lots has happened since my last video, so it’s time for a life update. because i talk too damn much:

@00:00 – sorry for the lack of vids!
@01:19 – Yukihari, my new hedgehog
@03:07 – Tokyo Rainbow Pride + asexual pride
@05:55 – LGBTQ cafe: gossip
@06:54 – Japanese FTM magazine: Laph (full video coming soon)
@07:50 – the GENDER book (full video coming soon)
@08:34 – my first binders (full video coming soon)
@09:10 – (rant) being outted again & again
@17:09 – thanks

——————- LINKS ——————-

Queer As Cat @Tumblr: http://queerascat.tumblr.com/
Yukihari’s blog; http://yukiharihari.tumblr.com/
Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2014 photos: http://queerascat.tumblr.com/tagged/Tokyo-Rainbow-Pride
LGBT cafe “gossip”: http://gossip-cafe.com/
Laph (ラフ) magazine: http://laph-ftm.com/
the GENDER book: http://www.thegenderbook.com/

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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