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“maverique” v1.0

….this is me attempting to further define my own gender while phrasing it in such a way that assumes that there may be others out there who have a similar gender identity and who may someday like to use this term for themselves.

a huge assumption on my part.

and omg, THIS IS A ROUGH ROUGH ROUGH DRAFT. the sole reason i’m posting this is for constructive feedback. expect an updated post in the future which may be radically reworded.

the image reads:



franglais coined by Vesper H. from the English eponym
“maverick” and the French suffix “-ique”.  
pronounciation is “mav-uh-REEK”,  rhyming with “Dominique”.

a non-binary gender characterized by an
unconventional and unothodox internal sense
of self and the interrelationship between that
sense of self and society.

maveriques feel no connection with concepts of
femininity or masculinity, but instead feel a sense
of gender which is completely independent of
conventional ideas of gender; a sense of gender
which is entirely its own.

a maverique’s sense of gender is strong, leaving
little room for apathy or neutrality.

there is no middle ground, as maverique is
a point between nothing.

there is no gray area, as maverique is not
a shade on a palette.

maveriques are mavericks, plain and simple,
but please– don’t forget the “-ique”.

….i’m hoping i haven’t bitten off more than i can chew in trying to convey my own gender in a way that is understandable to others. on top of that, gender and identity in general is such a touchy subject…. plus i feel like i don’t have anything to go off of as existing gender identities seem unrelated to this.

*awaits the inevitable arrival of the “special snowflake” brigade*

edit: please see the latest definition of maverique as of 06/21/14.

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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