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    Q&A not Q&A: “a person told me that I was “stealing other experiences” and “hurting other people that felt that way…”

    anonymous said: I have used the label neutrois for a a time now, but now I am using demiguy. I add that people could consider me a trans man now. I announce this decision on a group in facebook and a person told me that I was “stealing other experiences” and “hurting other people that felt that way” I said I was experimenting with label until I can find the one that “stick” and they think is a whim.   not only is that person trying to invalidate your identity, they also seem to be trying to guilt trip you by suggesting that you are somehow hurting other people. gender/identity police and would-be gatekeepers are such asshats, i swear. i’m sorry that you’re dealing with a person (or even people) like this. for one, you are not “stealing” anything. no one owns nor has a monopoly on what it means to…

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    maverique: why i coined the word

    there are words being coined for this and that all the time, especially on Tumblr, so i feel like i should explain why i’ve coined the word “maverique” and why i feel like the word “neutrois” is no longer enough for me. before i begin, however, i want to make it clear that i am NOT coining a gender identity. i am simply coining a word and applying it to an already existent gender which the English language currently lacks a word for. genders themselves are not coined nor invented. my gender has never changed; i have always been the gender that i am. what’s changing is the word i use to describe that gender because now, finally, i have a word that is more accurate. i have identified as neutrois for over a year… why am i changing that now? how is maverique different and why is neutrois no longer enough?

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    GENDER it isn’t black & white no matter how much you want it to be …i made this for several reasons. it bothers me when i see someone’s gender identity being ignored, erased or invalidated for any reason*. it bothers me when i see people bitching about there being “too many labels” just because they themselves lack the need for them. it bothers me when i see people both within and outside of the LGBTQIA community (esp. within the genderqueer and non-binary communities) trying so hard to define this and that that they begin to paint things black & white, oversimplifying things to the point of erasing the shades of gray that so many people actually find comfort in. it bothers me when someone feels that they have the right to tell someone else that they aren’t the gender that they identify as because they don’t want to transition medically,…

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    The Neutrois “Standard”

    so, there’s a thread on AVEN that opens like this… A new (to me) concept was recently thrown in my path. It’s the idea that there are sex orientations as well as gender orientations; ie that sex is not strictly what you physically look like, but what you want to look like (sexual characteristics-wise). For example, neutrois would count as a sex orientation, not a gender one; neutrois, as I understand it, is a desire to present as neutrally as possible, with the characteristics of neither binary sex. However, agender and genderless are gender orientations, because they specifically refer to the construct of gender, not physical aspects. This made a lot of sense to me, intuitively. It allows us to think of a single person as both neutrois and agender, to follow the above examples. Or neutrois and demi-guy, or androgynous man, or female agender, or any combination. I’m wondering how many…