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Q&A: “just wondering if anyone knew a good place to find safe binders for…”

anonymous asked:

Hey, just wondering if anyone knew a good place to find safe binders for someone with really small ribs (only 28 inches around) but an extremely large chest (H+ cup) or if it was even possible? I’m getting surgery in a year and a half or so, but I have kind of awful dysphoria sometimes to the point I dissociate because it triggers my anxiety and then turns into “well that’s not you, that’s someone else, you’re not here”

hi, anon.

i’m afraid that i won’t be of much help to you as i can’t say that i’ve read any binder reviews, or heard of any explicit statements on the behalf of the companies that make them, about a binder being made with measurements like yours in mind.

that said, i did a quick search and found this that may (or may not) be of help to you?

it can be really hard to find binder reviews that take into account the same fears / considerations that you have when purchasing a binder, but if you can find them that’s probably your best bet in terms of finding a binder that might work for you. in the meantime, i hope that you can find alternatives to binding that helps alleviate your dysphoria, even if only partially or temporarily…

if anyone out there happens to have binder suggestions for someone with anon’s measurements or suggestions re: alternative ways to conceal a large chest without binding, please do share.

sorry for not being able to help you more, anon.

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