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Q&A: “is there a sexuality between straight and bisexual?”

anonymous said:

is there a sexuality between straight and bisexual? coz i used to think i’m straight but now i’m a bit attracted to girls??? maybe i’m simply just bi-curious???

if you mean is there a word for being primarily attracted to people that society has decided are “the opposite” gender from you, but occasionally / fleetingly / sporadically / spontaneously being attracted to people society has decided are “the same” gender as you, heteroflexibility, bi-curiosity and bisexuality come to mind.

heteroflexibility is probably closest to the word that you’re looking for, but at the same time i hate to see bi-curiosity being dismissed as being “simply just” anything like this. society as a whole has this ridiculous tendency to be dismissive of bi-curiosity and people who feel a tie to this word, with such bullshit quips as “everyone’s a little bi!” similarly, people are quick to decide that someone isn’t bi because “everyone’s bi-curious! being attracted to that one person doesn’t make you bi! you’re basically straight (or gay).”

while a person’s feelings are beyond one’s control, the word(s) that a person uses to describe themself is largely a matter of personal taste and comfort. using the word “bi-curious” to describe oneself is as valid and “real” as using the word “straight”, “heteroflexible” or anything else. i know you didn’t mean it this way, anon, but let’s destroy the myth that there’s anything “just” or inherently “lesser” about being bi-curious. at the same time, let’s also destroy the myth that one must experience X amount of attraction to more than one gender in order to “really” be bisexual.

what word you use is up to you, anon, but just know that you have options and all of them are valid. the choice is yours.

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