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…phone calls.

…i’d seen a post or two come across my dashboard related to what i’m about to go off about, but i never imagined that something like this would target me or my family. oh, how naive of me.

anyway, i’m simultaneously pissed off, frustrated and worried and Twitter isn’t enough to contain these feels right now.

on my way to work today i random get a message from mom saying “Have you been saying things that you shouldn’t say online? The government is monitoring you.” of course i’m like “whaaaat the fuck you talking about, mom?” my mom is no “conspiracy theorist”, but she did live through shit that you read about in textbooks and given the shit going on in America these days, there is immediate cause for alarm when those words come from her.

apparently people claiming to be a ““research group”” (who won’t / haven’t told her an actual name) have called her five or six times now specifically asking to talk to me, saying that they want to talk to me about my opinion on current events in the news……. these people have apparently called both her house and her cellphone, are asking for me by my given name and have responded to my mom telling them that i don’t live there (because i don’t, obviously) with sarcastic “really?”s or “she doesn’t, huh?”

…….the alarming fact that these people have even obtained this information about me and have the audacity to try and contact me aside, upon failing to reach me these pieces of shit are now harassing my goddamn mom. fuck with me all you want, i’ll deal with it, but don’t you dare involve my goddamn family.

what the fuck kind of people would ev– nevermind. it’s not like i don’t know the answer to that question.

but the most frustrating part– and this is the story of my entire life as an expat tbh– is that i can’t really do much of anything about the situation from the other side of the world. as i sit here sometimes in tears as America burns and my mom gets harassed in my name– and dear cat god, let telephone harassment be all this is– i feel powerless and… i’m doing what i can to help (/ comfort) my mom regarding these calls, but ugh. just ugh.

this is the world we live in. anyone who has the audacity to even suggest that the current POTUS, his entire administration and everything that they embody is in no way responsible can seriously fuck off.

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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