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Q&A: “I feel like im going to cry I told my mom im ace…”

anonymous said:

I feel like im going to cry I told my mom im ace by saying it casually sorta in a convo, she said no im not and said when I go back to the doc (my anxiety/psychologist doc) she would bring it up and “fix me” im frustrated and Sad sorry for venting?

a million and one internet hugs, anon, if that’s something you’re okay with. i’m really sorry your mom responded in such a horrible way. she obviously doesn’t even understand what it is that you told her or how much trust you’d put in her in deciding to even tell her at all…

i hope that your doctor is more educated on the subject of (a)sexuality than your mom is and realizes that a person’s sexuality is not something that can be or even need be “fixed.” either way, i sincerely hope that your mom starts putting in effort to try and understand you and what you’ve tried to tell her. in the meantime, while she’s still saying such hurtful things, i hope you can stay strong and vent as much as need be. she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but you certainly do. best wishes. <3

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