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Q&A: “Can a person be bi and just don’t enjoy some type of genitalia?”

anonymous said:

Hi! i have a bit of an akward question: Can a person be bi and just don’t enjoy some type of genitalia? I’m bi and i dislike penises. There’s no way around it, i’ve tried a few and they just don’t do i for me. My LGBTI friends of course tell me i’m actually a lesbian, but that’s not it. It doesn’t matter the gender of the person attatched to the penis, i just don’t like the thing and it freaks me out because what if i’m faking it? Can i be bi and don’t like dick?

hi anon,

anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, can be averse to or repulsed by genitalia. genitalia aversion / repulsion– or any other kind of aversion / repulsions for that matter– does not define your sexuality unless you feel like it does. who you’re attracted to (or not attracted to), how you’re attracted to them (or not attracted to them) and / or how you choose to refer to that does.

you can most certainly be bi and be averse to / repulsed by penises, anon, and you’re no less bi than anyone else for it.

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