long since retired 'born this way' flag used for proportion check only.
cut, iron, glue, roll.
[A]sexuality,  Art[sy Fartsy],  Queer[ness]

DIY ace flag, anyone?

…annnd it’s finished! it’s not perfect, but whatever. it’ll do.

tomorrow is the start of Tokyo Rainbow Pride and thanks to this flag, there’ll be even more ace visibility in the parade this year. 🙂

the flag was made using the fabric that i found at Yokohama Pride last year and i still have enough leftover to make two more flags if i wanted to. the long-since-retired ‘born this way’ flag that i got at Las Vegas Pride years ago was only used to check proportions.

next year’s mission: find or make a non-binary flag because apparently flag manufactures do not know or care that the non-binary flag is not the same as the genderqueer flag and i want a non-binary flag goddamnit.

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