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Q&A: “I have been questioning my sexuality lately.”

anonymous said:

Hi I have been questioning my sexuality lately. I have once dated a girl but we felt awkward. I have gotten “crushes” on girls but i am not sure if I think I like them or if I actually do. I never really get butterflies looking a them. Please help. Thank you.

hi anon,

not everyone gets the proverbial “butterflies in their stomach” when they like someone, so it’s probably best not to focus on that when trying to figure out how you feel about someone.

if you think you like someone, the only advice i can give you is to just go with that. this may be easier said than done, but try to explore those feelings. give yourself a chance to see whether you do or don’t like that someone. take notice of the ways in which you do like them, if you even like them at all. try not to overthink it and second guess yourself, because i’m getting the impression (perhaps wrongfully so) that that’s what you’re doing right now.

the only way to know whether you actual like someone or not is to allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you feel towards that person. forget about the butterflies that aren’t there and focus on the things that are.

all the best, anon.

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