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NHK Heart Net TV to air feature on non-binary people

for those of you who don’t know, last month (4/30/15) the NHK series Heart Net TV (ハートネットTV) aired an episode that discussed problems that X-gender / Xジェンダー* people face in Japan.

more specifically, they:

  • read fanmail sent in by a person in their 40s who’s questioning and was given shitty “advice” from a support hotline
  • interviewed an FtX person who is out in their workplace
  • discussed issues live on air with two guests, an FtM** and an FtX** person

aside from Japan’s continuous failure to distinguish between sex, gender and sexuality, it was a good episode, imho. you should definitely check it out if you missed it (and can understand Japanese)!

the episode will be reaired tomorrow, 5/7 (Thurs) @1:05PM on NHK Eテル. you can also watch it online here!

もし先月に放送されたNHK EテルのハートネットTVのXジェンダーについてエピソードを見なかったら、明日5月7日(木)午後1時05に再放送されますので是非見てください!又はネット上でも見えます!クリックしてね

* for those wondering, X-gender / Xジェンダー

is the Japanese equivalent of genderqueer and/or non-binary in English.

** Japan loves these acronyms even though i don’t personally care for them.

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