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QAC 35 – Body Image: An Intersection of Black, Non-binary & Asexual Identity

trigger warning: body negativity, gender dysphoria, hints of self-harm, cursing

a rant about my own negative body image and how that body image intersects with my identity as a black non-binary asexual. i touch upon a lot in this long video, so for your ease of viewing:

====== Time Points ========

@00:00 – introduction
@00:57 – dismissal of my body issues
@02:18 – height and dysphoria
@05:08 – having lordosis and being misgendered
@09:53 – hypersexualization of my butt as a black non-binary ace
@12:44 – hypersexualization of my lips as a black non-binary ace
@13:27 – self-destructive habits: lip picking
@15:33 – hating my natural hair
@19:00 – body modification and body positivity
@21:16 – i’d love to hear from you


“awkward but necessary” pretty much sums up this video.

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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