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QAC 70 – 5 Months On T: Stopping HRT? | Voice Change | Non-Binary || The T Files #008

from YouTube:

(more than) two months has passed since my last T update and a lot has happened…? increased acne, continued voice dropping; increasing body hair, fat redistribution; adjusting to having a libido, enjoying no longer being anemic; a failed health check, stopping T– wait, what?

yeah, that last thing hasn’t actually happened yet, but that’s only because i can’t seem to make decisions these days to save my life. either way, it’s only a matter of time before it happens and this very well may be my last (or second-to-last) T update while still on T and in the latter part of the video, i’ll find out why.

….finally uploaded more than a week after having recorded it.

*collapses into a pile of exhaustion momentarily before dusting themself off to get ready for work*

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