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QAC 25 – Quasi-review: Nabeshirts / ナベシャツ Binders

Nabeshirts (ナベシャツ) is a Japanese brand of chest binders that is of exceptional quality and comfort, backed by top-notch customer service. i cannot recommend them enough…! they are difficult to order for those who do not know Japanese, but for those who do and/or for those who live in Japan, i highly recommend them.

for your convenience:


@00:00 – intro blurb
@02:53 – Nabeshirts: a brief intro
@04:01 – sizing dilemma (size S or size SS?)
@06:37 – putting on a binder for the first time
@07:33 – omg so tight
@10:24 – exchanging sizes
@13:19 – quasi-review: start! (Nabeshirts X + Hybrid)
@22:59 – increased chest dysphoria from binding?

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