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“maverique” v3.0

[ maverique — definition reworded 06/21/14 ]

a faded yellow, white and orange pride flag on which black text reads:


/mav ˈrēk/

franglais coined by Vesper H. from the English eponym
“maverick” and the French suffix “-ique”.
pronounciation is “mav-REEK”,  rhyming with “antique”.

a gender characterized by autonomy and inner conviction
regarding a sense of self that is entirely independent of
male/masculinity, female/femininity or anything which derives
from the two while still being neither without gender
nor of a neutral gender.

this is the third rewording of the definition of maverique. i’ve tried to do away with some of the larger words found in previous definitions while still making the meaning of the word clearer.

what do you think…?

i’m preparing to make a page and/or secondary Tumblr account dedicated to maverique and once wording of the definition seems more or less stable, i’ll record a video about it too. 🙂

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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