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? QAC 76.5 – 11 Years In The Making: #TheBigChop || Non-binary | QPOC | Haircut

two months after moving back to America from Japan, i’ve finally done what i’ve been dreaming about doing for years…! that is, cutting off my butt-length locs of 11 years– i.e., the #BigChop.

as a #nonbinary person i’d been conflicted about the length and style of my hair for years, but unable to do much of anything about it for various reasons, so finally being able to do away with them now is quite literally a dream come true.

even so, adjusting to life post-locs comes with new challenges, not only in terms to adjusting to the new hair itself, but also adjusting to others differing perception of me and my own unstable perception of myself. and what better way to deal with it all than to document the first week of it daily vlog style…?

…sure is an unscripted, experimental video if ever there was one.


YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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