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QAC 76 – Hair: What’s Race & Gender Got To Do With It? || Black Hair | Beauty Standards | Non-Binary

whether we want it to be or not, #BlackHair is often Political, especially in its’ natural, unstraightened state. combine this with #Blackness itself, which is often posited as being inherently political in America, on top of being #Nonbinary, which some argue is a political stance… What’s a black, non-binary person to do when they’re about to do The #BigChop and trying to decide on a new hairstyle, which will inevitably up their chances of being misgendered not only as a man, but as America’s Boogie[Black]Man?

but wait. this video is about hair, isn’t it?
what does race or gender have to do with that??

everything, my friend.

…so. YouTube has this new-ish feature called “Premiere” that lets you host a sort of ‘viewing party’ (their words, not mine) for a video you upload. it makes the video’s view page available to the public ahead of the video itself being made public with a live chat / comments section where creators can chat with viewers / subscribers and such leading up to the premiere…? thought i’d try it out for once.

new video is set to premiere today, May 17th, at 4pm PST. will be hanging out in the chat / comments section closer to the premiere time, if anyone happens to be around / interested. 🙂

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